21 Day Devotional FAQ’s

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Why are we creating a devotional?

In 2017, God began to speak to my heart about creating a fasting guide and a 21-day devotional for PRC as we went through our period of prayer and fasting. Since that time, we have had several devotionals flow out of Peerless Road Church that have helped individuals and families grow in their relationship with God. What I didn’t know in 2017 that I am now identifying is that the devotional wasn’t meant only for parishioners who attend PRC, but also people outside of our community as well. For instance, the women’s prison located in Bledsoe County, TN has received hundreds of devotionals over the years, and we have received correspondence from many of them testifying how they were personally impacted by the devotionals. Our reach is greater than we ever thought it would be!

Why am I asking for your help in creating this year’s devotional?

As I have gone through this pandemic I have been stretched beyond my wildest imagination. It is in this stretching that I have felt inspired that this year’s devotional would be entirely written from people who attend PRC regularly. We have so many gifted bloggers, writers, teachers, and ministers of all ages, that I feel confident that we can begin to intentionally connect and grow through each other’s words of encouragement and teaching.

What audience am I writing for?

This devotional originally was intended to intentionally influence Peerless Road Church, but as I mentioned above, we have heard from visitors, prisoners, and others around the world who somehow got their hands on our devotional. As you write, you are speaking to all walks of life, so allow the Holy Spirit to inspire your words that it may intentionally REACH others with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What are we looking for in a devotional?

We are asking for devotionals to be in the following format:

Arial font, size 12
400-425 words or less
Title if you have one, devotional, possible a prayer at the bottom, and additional scripture passages at the bottom (not necessary).

What can I write about?

In 2021 we have focused on being intentional in our living. As we begin to embark on 2022, the recurring theme that comes into my heart and spirit is “A Call to Consecration.” You can write anything you would like to write about in your devotional, but we would like for it to center around prayer, fasting, consecration, or something that will be encouraging to the readers. If the Holy Spirit inspires something, write it down. Submitting a devotional does not guarantee that it will make it into the final project.

When do you need my submission?

Please e-mail me at ajones@peerlessroadchurch.com no later than December 1, 2021. This will hopefully ensure that we can get the devotional printed and shipped back to us in enough time.

Samples of last year devotionals are available for your assistance by e-mailing me at ajones@peerlessroadchurch.com.

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