COVID-19. Such a small title for something that has created such a large impact. As we close our church doors, it opens a spectrum of questions: What sort of congregation are we? Do we cease to exist because we cannot physically join together? No. For now we learn to become a VIRTUAL church. One that uses every avenue to demonstrate our love and care for others.

Social media has been part of our life for quite some time. Now it replaces the brick and mortar that we became so used to and called “church”. We’ve been taught that “church” is more than the building we are sitting inside. WE are the church; the body of Christ. We’ve always been comfortable with that statement. Guess what? Now we must live that statement out loud. This is when we practice what we have always preached. Let’s do it together! We still connect and care for our community. We learn how to do it in a new way! It’s kind of exciting! Become inspired and inspiring! What can we do to minister during this change of “normal”.

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