14 Day Prayer Emphasis

DAY 01

Peerless Road Church

renewed commitment to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
DAY 02

Pastoral Family

Pastor Adam Jones, Jill, Brooke, Braylin and Bennett
DAY 03

Children’s Ministry

Children and Team Members, Pastor Cathy Baggerly, Lee, Malorie, Emma, Logan and Megan
DAY 04

Youth Ministry

Teens and Team Members, Pastor Josh Brown, Taylor and Linley
DAY 05

Music/Media Ministry

Pastor Angela Lawson, Worship Teams, Choir, Band, Sound and Media Teams
DAY 06

Men and Men’s Ministry Team

DAY 07

Women and Women’s Ministry Team

DAY 08

Prodigals to return home

DAY 09

Senior Adults

Pastors Connie and Roger Kennard
DAY 10

Young Adult Ministry Team

Ages 18 – 35
Young Adult Ministry Team
DAY 11

Church of God of Prophecy Leadership

International and State; Bishop E.C. McKinley, State Overseer
DAY 12

Local Leadership (PRC)

DAY 13

Peerless Road Church

20/20—Clear Vision Initiative
DAY 14

PRC Finances

First Fruits Initiative